Producing dynamic aerial content with sophisticated expertise. With a diverse set of aerial systems & passionate team. Compelling creativity going above with true cinematic composition.


High-Resolution imaging. This technology provides the perfect stills from above. Real Estate, architecture, construction, inspection, event & aerial hyper / time-lapse for construction progression with the latest cameras.


With a wide variety of stock videos & photos to choose from. We supply over-the-top aerial content.

Professional aerial video and photography services Durban

Professional aerial video and photography services

We are top professional aerial video and photography services in Durban. Audio Visual Lab is the preferred photography & aerial production company in Durban.

Audio Visual Lab is the preferred photography & aerial production company in Durban, South Africa. We specialize in aerial cinematography and acquiring the proper permitting to fly heavy lift drones within the city limits. Contact us today for a free quote on your next project. Give us a call.

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Cinematography Service

We have a variety of packages from full setup with a crew of 3 (Drone Op, Camera Tech Op & Visual Observer) for more technical filming. Also providing discrete effective filming for astonishing results in the Durban area. Our work is in continuous films, TV & marketing as we have some of the most captivating aerial content!

Photography Service

Producing stunning images of Durban with a variety of camera drones for the project at hand. We cover numerous industry sectors.  These include: Agriculture, Mining, Forestry, Urban, Utilities, Environmental and more.  Please tell us a bit about yourself and we will get right back to you.  We value your business and would like to help! 


Cutting-edge drone technology that can handle anything.

Our team of CAA certified and licensed aerial pilots are equipped with the most powerful UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) technology on the market that can endure and adapt to any environment to capture the perfect shot or video. 


No matter how simple or complex a client’s needs are, we at Audio Visual Lab are well equipped to help.  With a highly skilled, experienced, and certified team of professionals, our company does an incredible job at every given project. 


  • Our pilots and operations are well trained and are CAA-approved to fly these small, unmanned drones commercially. Even better is the affordability and promptness of our drone services.

What Is The Process For Filming Aerials?

The process for filming aerials is similar to the process for any other type of video production. It begins in Pre-Production by defining the shots you want to capture and where you want to capture them. There are, however, some added considerations:

  • Selecting an aerial platform (drone, helicopter, etc.) that is best suited to capture the desired footage.
  • Researching the filming location to understand potential safety concerns or flight restrictions.
  • Where necessary, obtaining special exemptions from the CAA or additional permits if required by local agencies.
  • As required, securing permissions from nearby property owners.
  • Creating a flight plan including alternate landing zones and emergency procedures.

With Audio Visual Lab at your side, you can have piece-of-mind knowing that we’ll take care of all these details and more.

What Are Best Practices For Filming Aerials?

Unlike amateur drone enthusiasts, there’s a lot to consider when filming aerials for commercial purposes. Our best advice is to find an aerial cinematography partner you can trust. Your partner should:

  • Have a Part 101 exemption from the CAA to fly drones for commercial purposes.
  • Use drone pilots that are certified under Part 101 of CAA regulations.
  • Carry adequate insurance coverage including insurance specially for drone filming.
  • Maintain proper flight and maintenance logs for all aerial filming platforms.
  • Perform due diligence prior to filming to comply with all local regulations and to mitigate safety concerns.

We have been capturing stunning aerial cinematography from drone platforms. We’re one of the first companies in the Durban to be approved to film commercially by the CAA.