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Why You Need to Hire a Corporate  Video Production Company

Corporate  Video Production Company

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Corporate Video Production Company


Corporate Video Production Company

It is clear that the benefits of corporate video production cannot be denied in modern businesses. If your company does not take advantage of this means of communication, you miss an excellent opportunity to reposition your brand. The industry is in transition by adopting the corporate strategy. Easy access to hardware and software means more and more companies are discovering the power of this tool. With globalization, it is possible to outsource services around the world.

What is corporate video production?

Corporate video production is an effective way to present your products and services to potential customers as well as current customers. It’s also the best tool for promoting your organization, your views, your goals, and your accomplishments to the target audience. That involves a lot of creative work and the use of the latest technologies.

Corporate videos can vary according to need and from one company to another. It can be used to produce training, introductions, welcome speeches, introductory videos, promotional videos and many other types of videos. Enterprise video production is not just about creating high-quality videos, and it’s about creating memorable and useful videos.


What is corporate video used for?

Every profitable company looks for improved productivity, effective from the start and in times of change. With the marketing bank services available on the Internet and the company’s messaging methods, lots of companies are searching for answers in corporate video production. The entire production of corporate videos has emerged when companies in the new era have become aware of the effectiveness of a well-designed and conceptualized corporate video production.

Many have applied it in company initiation training, and updating the junior knowledge base or high-level employees or simply motivational messages. Online businesses sector have also realized that successful corporate video production is also part of effective and well-researched marketing. Therefore, it is vital to choose the right video production companies in South Africa to the company’s ethos and profitability.

How much does corporate video cost?

The cost may vary depending on corporate video production packages, the complexity of the graphics used, ranging from a moderate amount of R 8,800 to R 12,000 per day to a higher amount if you want to use 3D animations or new high-tech equipment to achieve effects spectacular movies. Most corporate video graphics will be created with your direct involvement in design and impact.

Corporate video production Durban expert understand that you are investing in a promotional video and will inform you if your product or service requires these elements. Your corporate video production packages, ideas, vision, and budget will determine whether animated graphics, animations, and additional post-production are needed for your project. The use of graphics and textual iconography is a widely accepted and effective way of attracting your audience.

How to write a corporate video script


In a way, writing a script for a corporate video can be more difficult than writing a script for a feature film. In general, there is a lot of information that has to be transmitted in a corporate video and a lot less time to do it. Since your script must include and convey the personality of a company, there is also much less room for a license or creative interpretation. However, if you consider these three tips for writing a business video script, you will be ahead of the game.

1) Be brief

When writing a company video script, remember that less is more. Avoid clutter or irrelevant information. That may be more difficult to achieve because there may be people in a strong position who would insist on explaining everything to society. You must, of course, be open to their suggestions. After all, it’s your corporate video. Try this method: For every part of the information, you insist on, including your good judgment, contend that another part of the stuffed section is excluded.

2) Stay structured

The structure not only gives its writing order but also helps to advance the story. Clearly define the beginning, middle, and end and make sure to provide intermediate transition points. If you started the script with a story, use the dialogue to advance the story. Then, to close the subject, you may be able to use testimonials for the transition. Depending on the length of your script, it may be necessary to have three or more transition points. It also helps keep your video script entertained. Direct communication of facts and figures can distract your audience.

3) Add style

When talking about your audience, it’s helpful to know who they are before adding too many resources to your enterprise video script. Nobody wants to attend a dry powder presentation. On the other hand, your audience may not appreciate a great parody of your organization. That becomes even more crucial if you are writing a video script for an international company. Learn about specific words, concepts or images that may not translate well into cultural boundaries. If you know who your audience is, it’s easier to introduce your writing style and stick to it as well.

Types of corporate videos

A business can benefit a lot from a professional video production made by experienced and efficient video production company like the Audio Visual Lab. There are lots of types of corporate videos including training videos, product or company videos, service videos, or informational videos for a smaller, more specific audience.


Benefits of using a corporate video

Why make a corporate video? The corporate video is used to teach continuing education or safety training to staff members of a company. It’s a much more affordable choice than business owners who spend time and money travelling the country for an information meeting or to give company employees a quick training session. These corporate visualization tools save thousands of dollars in business results and help them reach more staff than ever before.


The production of corporate videos by a company specializing in production is also advantageous for companies because they can also be used to promote their online activities. When a person searches for products and services which are in the same domain, they can use corporate videos to create interest and get the word out to people.

Still, on the importance of corporate video, the videos are an essential part of all business operations: employee training and safety information, product and sales information for staff, and promotional and marketing videos for customers potential. These corporate videos can be created by a high-quality video production company Audio Visual Lab with the knowledge and talent to produce videos with the appropriate goals and to help advance the company’s initiatives. If you hire Professional video production companies in South Africa like Audio Visual Lab, you’ll guide you on how to get corporate video clients.

How to shoot a corporate video


Corporate video shooting is a process that requires professional video production companies. The companies use different ways and means to make sure your corporate video is excellent. Here are some steps that the corporate video production agencies use to make sure they create a great video that can help your business tremendously.

a) Organizing thoughts

The first step is to organize your thoughts. They will help you decide and clearly explain the reason for the corporate video. You will be able to find answers to questions such as “What do I want to show through this video?”, “What should I talk about and how long should I be?” It is imperative to find answers to these questions to have a clear goal.

b) Write a script

You cannot read it by ear while recording a corporate video. You must have the script ready before you turn it. Although some people retain the services of an external person to write the video script, it is recommended to choose a person within the organization who has excellent language skills to perform this work. A person within your organization can surely highlight all the positive aspects and create a solid script. In case you’ve no voice but to call for outside help, be sure to inform the person of any points you wish to address in the script and give them reference material to consult if necessary.

c) Choose the cameraman

Again, you have the option of choosing video production companies in South Africa. In this case, unlike the previous step, it is recommended to hire a professional corporate video production in Durban to do the work for you. Most companies, eager to reduce their costs, think it is advisable to recruit employees who can do the job. Remember that you are recording a corporate video and that your level of clarity and professionalism must be high. Renting Audio Visual Lab corporate video production packages to complete this task will be the right thing to do.

d) Choose the star cast

Then you have to decide who is included in the corporate video and who is not. You may want to involve the heads of all departments in the video, but do not forget to add employees because they are the backbone of your business. That gives your customers a concrete idea of your work environment and how your employees feel.

e) Review and edit

Finally, before approving the video, review it with other colleagues and you will see that any part needs to be changed. Once this is done, your video is ready to be used.

What makes an excellent corporate video?

Many companies today add a corporate video to their website. But what makes a video good and another less good? Many elements contribute to the creation of an effective and professional-looking video. As she represents your business and may be the first impression someone has, it is essential that you do it well.


A good corporate video should interest its audience, be attractive, educational and fun at the same time. It needs to concentrate on the most compelling points and not promote everything. The video also needs to be clean and aim for real videos that have an optimistic side. Moreover, an excellent corporate video requires to storyboard everything by having a well-written script, both dialogue, and images.

One of the essential elements for creating a good video of a business is to keep it professional. For the most professional video, consider working with a professional video company, such as Dream Engine, where we manage everything from concept to script to production. Working with a reputable corporate video production company, he gains the experience, hardware, and technology to create the best possible video.

What are the tips for corporate video production?


The nature of corporate video production has changed considerably since the arrival of this type of video in the early days, and it is the Internet that has by far the most significant impact on this process and the results of this process/activity. So, here are some tips to help you along with your journey.

1) Speak first, write last

You will be surprised at the results of the discussions with your employees. You must first determine the content of the video, then write a lot of questions that you can ask your employees. People like to talk, and you will be surprised at what you discover with this approach. Once you have spoken with your employees, you can start writing a script. Keep it simple; make sure your interviews are transcribed on paper and choose your favourite answers.

2) Capture more videos than needed

During the videos on the camera, instead of asking a small selection of questions, ask a lot and keep the camera moving. It can also be useful to attack tangents because you can capture something that could be used for viral video campaigns, a marketing slogan, or an audio podcast.

3) Be brief

Human has short periods of attention. That is a fact, especially concerning the visual elements. Our brains have a perfectly harmonized filtering system that activates after one minute. Based on the fact that corporate video production usually lasts between 2 and 3 minutes. However, all the projects are different. Therefore, if the duration is much longer, you should consider splitting the video into smaller, more manageable parts.

4) Talk to your audience/viewer

Your corporate video production is not about you, but about your views. Each question and photo in the video must reflect this and be relative to its target audience.

5) Show passion

Videos are a fantastic way to convey emotions. We can see it, listen to it, share it and feel it sometimes. Without passion, you will lose your viewer, and your video will be lost among the millions of other non-memorable videos.

What to include in a corporate video

If you’re making the promotional or exhibition video, you should think a lot more about the video. It should contain the vision and history of your business instead of just data and numbers that everyone can get from a fact sheet or PowerPoint presentation. That could include customer testimonials and employee experiences that tell your own story about your business. Finally, the colours of your company could enter the theme of the video. These colours would help reinforce the message of your company.

A corporate video must be well programmed and narrated, with a good score and sound editing. It should not contain long speeches or lengthy statistics, as they could be used anywhere and would be redundant in a promotional video. Tell the story of your business in an entertaining way, and your video will be a success.

What is corporate governance video?

Corporate governance video is a visual way of explaining company governance structures and principles which help explain the distribution of rights and responsibilities among the various company participants such as a board of directors, auditors, shareholders, creditors, regulators, directors and other interested parties. It also includes the rules and procedures to follow business decisions. It also explains the processes by which corporate objectives are established and pursued in the context of the social, regulatory and market environment.

Choosing the Right Camera for Your Corporate Video

You as a company do not need to buy a camera for corporate video shooting if you’re planning on hiring corporate video production, Durban. Corporate video production packages are quite expensive, but they are worth it since they are provided by video production companies in South Africa professionals and they use their professional camera for shooting the video.

However, if you plan on getting your camera, you might want to check your budget, camera resolution and the ease of use. Pick a camera that has a better resolution but which falls under your budget. You will be surprised to see some cameras cost more than $10000. Also, go for a camera that will be easier to use and operate. A video camera with too many controls might not be ideal for armature recording.

How Long Should A Corporate Video Be?

The human brain is by default set to concentrate on one thing for around 2-3 minutes. That means an excellent corporate video shouldn’t go beyond three minutes or else the audience will skip some sections as they tend to take their attention elsewhere.


A video produced for professional purposes must be compelling and well completed. Your business and your income depend on your image in the market. A poor quality video can degrade the image of your company in the minds of your customers. It is always better to use video production companies in South Africa like Audio Visual Lab to do the work of professionals. They have the knowledge and experience to produce corporate videos and can help you achieve your goals. They understand how to make a high-quality corporate video which stays true to the public’s memory and which holds the audience until the whole message is delivered.


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