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Is Digital Marketing The Future of marketing

digital marketing

Is Digital Marketing The Future

There is no second thought in the truth that digital marketing will be the future of marketing.

Future of Digital Marketing

It is not solely the future; it’s a need of today. The opportunities for a Digital Marketing expert are huge in India right now.

The Internet customers have reached up to around 463 million and it has become the U.S with the world’s third-biggest internet population and inside the next 3 years, additional 300 million will get brought to the populace accessing the Internet in India.

The modern-day make bigger price is measured at 34.8%. The industry has approx. eight lacs job alternatives at present and is anticipating grasping higher impressions within the coming years.

This is not just in terms of career boom opportunities, however in economic phrases as well. A sparkling graduate can effortlessly reap a position with an income shut to 25K per month to 6 Lacs per annum, while skilled professionals can command remunerations in the vary of 20 lakhs – seventy-five per annum. Here are some big advantages to having a digital marketing career:

1. Become an In-Demand Professional

2. Benefit from More Career Choice

3. Get Paid More than Your Peers

4. You Can Kick Start Your Own Career

Following are the most demanded skills to learn in Digital marketing:

Content Marketing: Content is the king and base for all your marketing. Nearly 50% of businesses have a content material strategy.

Social Media Marketing: Social media budgets will get doubled in the coming subsequent 5 years. Internet penetration is gaining greater and extra results. Nearly one-third of the populace is currently the usage of some type of social media platform.

Search Engine Optimization: 33% of visitors from Google’s natural search result goes to the first object listed. So understanding the techniques of search engine optimization will supply you a slicing aspect in the digital advertising industry.

Mobile Marketing: The growth in cellphone users has created a lot of possibilities for marketers. This is a new element in the digital advertising and marketing industry and brands having their website of older version want to be optimized for cell phones. So a digital marketer must have talent in cell marketing.

According to Glassdoor’s current listing of the excellent jobs for work-life balance, advertising positions occupied six of 25 slots. Digital advertising and marketing careers are no longer solely in-demand; they may want to additionally be the key to having a life outdoor of work.

But, unfortunately, most faculties do not have something to do with digital advertising in their curriculum. At nice You can find a couple of correct institutes to learn digital marketing. Here is the listing of top 10: Comparison between top 10 digital advertising and marketing institutes in India

The best way to plan your marketing strategy is to look to the future.

This enables you to create a sustainable method that takes benefit of developments that are about to occur.

Social Media Marketing


  1. Increase in Marketing Spend By 2020, digital advertising spends in the U.S. will reach to shut to $120 billion. To put that into perspective, think about what it will symbolize almost half of the whole media spend.
  2.  Rise in Voice Search Voice search will soon dominate the digital sphere. For example, the “wearables” market will be well worth extra than $20 billion by using 2020. Furthermore, more than half of the searches will be via voice.
  3. Growing Importance of Reviews We already talk about how critiques have a large impact on search engine optimization and sales, however, there has an impact on is solely going to grow. Users supply opinions the identical weight as private recommendations. In fact, 92 percent of consumers examine online opinions for a higher thought of the best of a company, product, or service, and ninety percent say that fantastic reviews have sway on their closing buy decision. Plus, tremendous reviews have a tangible effect on a business. Just improving your ranking by one famous person can lead to an expansion in revenue of anything from 5 to 9 percent. Reviews are in particular vital in health care. For instance, 62 percent of patients use them as the first step in their search to locate a new doctor.
  4. More and Improved Display Ads Businesses are spending extra on display commercials to expand their reach. In 2016, show advert spend used to be simply $8,872. By 2021, this is predicted to amplify to $10,820. To higher have interaction with users, ads will be more personalized and interactive.
  5. Social Ads Will Prevail Even extra tremendous than show advertisements will be social ads. At $15,016, spend used to be already greater than display ads in 2016. The difference will grow to be but extra stated when spending extra than doubles to $32,977 in 2021.
  6. Online Video Spend Will Soar
    Another place where spend will more than double is online video. In 2016, online video accounted for simply $9,252. By 2021, this will be up to $20,891.
  7. .You’ll See More Emojis Three-quarters of men and 84 percent of women say that they are better capable to categorical their emotions thru emojis than with words. Expect to see more emojis popping up, together with new emojis that enable users to better specific how they feel. The time to start preparing for these trends is now. To stay competitive, you need to reassess how you are allocating your advertising funds, create content material that is voice-friendly (through keywords users are in all likelihood to use in voice search and by the use of a conversational writing style), and inspire more customers to go away you critiques — specifically with emojis.


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