April 16, 2018
Marketing / Media

Equal Education, buses and taxis arrive at Nquthu schools!

O Our relentless campaign for scholar transport since 2014, and our legal challenge in the Pietermaritzburg High Court in November 2017, has succeeded in getting the KwaZulu-Natal Education Department (KZN DoE) to begin to finally deliver buses and taxis to schools in Nquthu yesterday morning.

It is because of the determination of EE members that the KZN DoE has finally initiated proper investigations into the extent of the need for government-subsidised scholar transport at the 12 Nquthu schools that we identified, but also the need across the province. The KZN DoE’s findings vindicate our position – revealing that the need in the 12 Nquthu schools and in the province is much higher than the KZN DoE had previously estimated.

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