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Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2018

5 Top Trends in Social Media 2018

2018 has just started and it’s the perfect time to watch for the new online marketing trends that will dominate the next 12 months.

Marketing experts all around the globe already predicted the trends that ruled 2017 and will continue to do so in 2018: influencers, chatbots, video streaming… Instagram Stories was born less than a year ago, though it seems that we’ve used it like… forever.

Because, if a trend really works, why change it? Take a look at the main online marketing trends you need to act on in 2018.


The key digital marketing trends in 2018

If you are already defining your marketing strategy for 2018, get ready to write down the marketing trends that your brand needs to shine out.


As you already know, video content is not the future: is already the present. It has gained ground among other type of content such as images. The users not only watch videos, but create them. That’s why social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram will offer their users more possibilities to watch and create their own video content.

Haven’t you included video content in your marketing strategy? There are some facts that will convince you for sure: videos have 135% more of organic visits than images. On Twitter, they get 2,5 answers, as well as 2,8 retweets and 1,9 favs more than other type of content.

You can start by proyecting videos in your events or sharing them on Instagram Stories, so you can show your products and services to your users.

TV spots

No, experts are not crazy to add  TV spots to this marketing trends list. The same way TV has returned to our lifes in a digital way, thanks to platforms like Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime,  TV advertising will be back as well.


Chatbots repeat as one of the main digital tendencies that will dominate 2018. This strategy has been growing in popularity for the past few years. Artificial Intelligence offers multiple possibilities to optimize and simplify resources, automating business processes and workflows.

Bots are already an essential way to get better at improving customer support. The new  challenge is to integrate bots in this brand-customer relationship so the customer experience is not compromised.

Voice Search

Content optimization needs to change in order to adapt to a new scenario. Virtual assistants and search by voice already represent the 20% of the Internet searches. 

This way, you need to focus your SEO strategy in the users’ searches by voice, because they are not the same than the written (and usually typical) ones. When users search by voice, they tend to make complete searches and not short questions. These searches tend to answer the typical W questions: how, what, why, who, when and where (semantic formulas).

Growth Hacking

If you want your brand to shine out this year, keep in mind another of the best marketing trends: Growth Hacking. This strategy aims to find the magic formula to generate leads in an efficient way and at the least possible cost.

Startups are using this strategy that combines analytics, creativity and curiosity. Thus, a growth hacker needs to be able to analyze results and determine which are the best strategies, but also to find new creative formulas and ways to make the business grow.

One of the best ways to get leads is to create social media campaigns based on quizzes, personality tests, surveys…

Mobile Marketing

This year, mobile marketing is one of the most important marketing strategies.

Smartphones have changed not only the way we consume information, but also the way we look for it. We depend on mobile phones when we don’t know what or how to buy.According to Google, 96% of smartphone users consider these devices the search resource they most trust in.

Content Curation

It’s essential to offer quality and original content to your users. This content needs to meet your customers requirements.  But in this online environment, which has left traditional advertising behind, the user navigates within infoxication.  So, how can we know what our followers really demand?

That’s why you should focus in offering quality content, integrating Content Marketing in your marketing strategies. Monitoring and Content Curation are the best ways to achieve your objectives and offering your clients customize content.


One of the greatest digital marketing trends, which has been in vogue for some years already, is the Influencer Marketing.  This kind of marketing will be on trend for several more, but the micro-influencers will take the lead this year. They are influencers who are in a position to influence consumer purchase decisions, but have less followers.  

Brands preffer quality over quantity. That’s why they work with micro-influencers who are much more specialized in a specific market niche, so they can create a brand-microinfluencers-followers affinity.

Automation for email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to create loyalty and generate conversions. In fact, it’s the channel that offers the best ROI.

One of the 2018 marketing trends that brands are using more and more nowadays is the automation of the email marketing. It has a great potential, as it allows to reach email subscribers, one by one, at precisely the right time and at minimum (or zero) cost.

Lead Nurturing

The posibility to convert a prospect or lead in a recurring client is largely due to how we manage our leads. This is directly related to our Content Marketing strategy. We need to offer relevant information, according to their interests, demographic characteristics or the point of the conversion funnel they are in, to our buyer personas.

In order to do so, it’s essential to keep in mind our Customer Journey and segment our leads to offer them personalised content, to reinforce their loyalty and generate their interest. Use tools such as email marketing, blogs, social media or lead magnets, among others.

Which digital marketing trends do you think will dominate 2018? Which ones are the most important for your marketing strategy? Tell us about it in the comments!




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