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Full Guide to Video Marketing Trends for Businesses in 2019

For the past two years, video content has encountered a remarkable ascent in prominence as a tool for advertising. Regardless of whether you are doing your week by week online shop, playing Candy Crush or investigating the speediest method to venture out to your close relative’s home, it’s there. Have you at any point signed on to Facebook to make up for lost time with your companions, and logged off an hour later having spared a delicious new formula and purchased another, innovative combine of socks? You’re not alone. Such is the unquestionable intensity of Video Marketing.

Check out the full list of trends in the video below:



1. Video is Turning 360:

The ongoing appearance of 360-degree video content empowers watchers to control their point of view for a progressively vivid intuitive experience.

360 degree recordings are on the ascent, close by computer generated reality.


By furnishing clients with a more 3-Dimensional, vivid experience through video, they nearly feel like they are in that spot, despite the fact that they may be in their PJs, eating Jerky on the couch.

These sorts of recordings are especially helpful apparatuses for those in the movement and the travel industry. Following quite a while of sightseers griping “it’s not at all like it was in the pamphlet”, they would now be able to get the full picture. Truth be told, if a goal or lodging doesn’t stay aware of this pattern, potential clients may start to ponder what they are stowing away.

2. Video is Getting Search-Friendly:

AI and the utilization of shut subtitles are making video content increasingly accessible. Man-made intelligence can decipher the soundtracks of video with voice acknowledgement to make video accessible. Google even as of late announced the expansion of video sneak peaks to the video merry go round that shows up in indexed lists.

3. Narrating Hooks the Audience

  • To get results with your video showcasing, you have to realize how to snare the gathering of people, and narrating is an unquestionable requirement nowadays.
  • In reality, 92% of clients need brands to make promotions feel like a story. In addition, recounting your image story well, you inspire an opportunity to expand the estimation of an item or administration by more than multiple times. Not exclusively will narrating snare your clients, however, it will likewise refine your image.
  • Obviously, there’s nobody measure fits-all strategy to make stories that reason a buzz around your image. Be that as it may, being inventive is a demonstrated method to trial and discover what functions admirably for your image. For instance, McDonald’s knows the speciality of stories that move, so its recordings bring a large number of perspectives inside a brief timeframe.

4. The Rise of Vertical Video and IGTV

As indicated by eMarketer, 78.4% of computerized video watchers use cell phones to watch recordings. These days, there are 270 million cell phone clients in the United States and 94% of the time we hold our telephones vertically, so the vertical video is on its ascent. For brands, it implies the interest for a vertical video to address clients’ issues.



Since Instagram realizes organizations need to fulfill their clients’ needs, it’s no big surprise IGTV, a long-frame in-application video centre point, was propelled. With IGTV, brands can transfer recordings that last up to an hour, so there’s no compelling reason to utilize the two channels, Instagram and Youtube, to accomplish advertising objectives.

While private ventures don’t hurry to utilize this element, huge docs like MAC Cosmetics plunge into IGTV to connect with clients and assemble mark mindfulness.

5. Invite the world to your party

Broadcasting live? Indeed. It might appear to be overwhelming a few, however, in the event that your business is to stay aware of the pattern, it’s something you will need to consider.

The proceeded with advancement of Social Media stages is driving this. Take a gander at Instagram’s dispatch of Live Streaming toward the start of 2018. Indeed, with 50 million a larger number of clients than Snapchat, Instagram is driving numerous patterns in Video Marketing and is unquestionably one to watch. Likewise, Facebook Live communicates have multiplied year on year since its dispatch in 2016. On the off chance that you are yet to grasp the intensity of Social Media, it’s a great opportunity to get on board, make companions with it and treat it like an accomplice.

The longing for live substance is without a doubt developing in quality. Actually, upwards of 13% of web traffic from video originates from live recordings. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • Economical

Broadcasting live gets rid of whenever and venture recently utilized underway and altering. The video at that point stays on the stage, prepared to be shared and reposted.

  • Authentic

Target groups of onlookers are bound to confide in live spilling. They realize it hasn’t been doctored and it overflows credibility.

  • Compelling

Users spend three times longer observing live videos online contrasted with their pre-recorded partners. The immediacy and saw peril engaged with a live communicate is enormously convincing.

6.” Vlogging” for business



Vlogging has turned out to be colossal on Youtube. Vloggers film different parts of their day by day lives whether they be everyday, such as getting ready breakfast, or energizing, such as taking some time off. Organizations and business visionaries have gradually been attacking the vlogging worldlately; and in 2019, you can anticipate that this training should turn out to be considerably increasingly mainstream. Reason? Vlogging gives your watchers a look into your life and can enable you to shape a superior association with your group of onlookers.

7. It’s still cool to be slick

Recordings don’t just need to concentrate on offering and advancement to receive money related benefits. E-learning recordings can profit the two customers and representatives.

Preparing days can be a bad dream for representatives. Removing multi day from their bustling timetable to sit in a heartless space to tune in to somebody talk at them about the significance of spreadsheet support is a long way from engaging.

Video can pass on far beyond words, especially on the off chance that it is a dubious or, might we venture to state, dull subject. In only a couple of edges, liveliness can say unmistakably in excess of an entire day in a stuffy preparing room can. Likewise, by utilizing video, you can prepare more workers at any one time – they can even learn in the solace of their own home, setting aside some cash for the business on all fronts.

For customers, E-learning keeps on being an adaptable, available choice for those with occupied ways of life need to learn new aptitudes. You can even incorporate substance preparing and showcasing by offering a course as a reward for clients who consent to share their information. Win-win!

8. 6-Second Video Ads

Vine may have kicked the bucket in mid-2017, yet the legend of its six-second recordings lives on in mainstream culture through uncontrollably well known YouTube arrangements. There’s no uncertainty this super-short organization caught our consideration, so it bodes well that it’s finding new life in publicizing.



Prodded as right on time as 2017 from brands, for example, Google and Youtube, the six-second video advert is balanced for an out and out upset in 2019. Studies have proposed that nine out of 10 six-second advertisements drive promotion review and a healthy 61 percent lift mark mindfulness. Nibble measured promotions have even made it communicate TV with systems like FOX executing split-screen breaks to demonstrate 6-second adverts in their National Football League communicates.



For video producers and advertisers, the push towards shorter substance isn’t amazement. As rivalry for buyer consideration expands, the interest has been for shorter, more intelligent narrating; six-second advertisements are only the following cycle in the pattern of snackable substance. Be that as it may, with these promotions assuming a job in substantially paid crusades, there’s a major spotlight on ROI, and more brands will work to figure out the code of the ideal short shape advertisement.

The medium presents evident difficulties for narrating and altering. Notwithstanding, for video advertisers with the correct frame of mind the balanced canvas estimate just opens new innovative chances, as you would already be able to find in probably the best six-second promotions to date.


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