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We’re a Top-rated website design company in Durban focused on creative and results-driven solutions. We build high converting websites optimized for web traffic. Our design team includes user-experience and conversion rate optimisation specialists, who can help create a website that not only looks great but which is also simple to use by both you and your visitors. As standard, our web designs are fully responsive and optimised for different screen sizes, so look and work perfectly on any device.

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Website Design

Professional Website Design Company

People everywhere use mobile devices to do everything from simple internet searches to purchasing big ticket items and much more. The reason? It’s fast and easy.

Retina Ready

A Retina display device, displaying a website that serves Retina ready images (higher resolution) will display sharper images and brighter, more vivid colours.

Fresh Design

Think of your website as a garden. If it’s left unattended, weeds will grow and your plants are likely to shrivel up and die.

Perfect Design

The simpler the structure of the site, the easier it is for users to navigate. Each section needs to tell a story; it needs a reason and a final outcome for the user.

Website Design
Top Performance

A website’s performance is a very important factor for user engagement and retention. Research suggests if a website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, users leave right away and don’t come back.

Sleek & Minimal

Poorly designed web pages are one of the major reasons many highly-trafficked websites are slow to load and respond. This technique is also known as Front end optimization.

Advanced Grid

The Grid solves the problem by making it easy for anyone, with or without technical expertise, to layout a web page that looks like it was professionally done.

When we build a Website, we design it to SEO specs to ensure that you rank.

Information Gathering

We start with information from the client and make sure we target your needs and wants.

Planning Phase

The next step is to put together a plan for your web site. This is the point where a site map is developed from one of our  Web Design Experts.

Design Phase

Next, we make sure our custom design is something that you are extremely happy with and make sure it matches what you want to achieve.


Now we start to go to work; we develop the site and keep you informed in every part of the web design processes.

Website Design
Top Customization

Websites that covert into sales

We create high lead-converting websites that keep your customers engaged with your website. An interesting and engaging website will create satisfaction for your customers and will increase sales conversation. We don’t just build you a website; we work with you to build together.

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Search Engine Optimization is about getting you found online which is the goal at Audio Visual Lab. You may ask: “how can an online presence help grow my business,” right? Well, the reality is that our search engine optimization and marketing services can help generate a large amount of search traffic, sales and new customers for your business. Audio Visual Lab is the leading search engine optimization company in Durban, South Africa  because of the results we provide our clients day-in and day-out.

Website Design