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Website Redesign [The Ultimate Resource & Guide]

Website Redesign

Planning A Website Redesign? The Ultimate Resource & Guide

Today, social media and internet technology has become the centre of business. Many organizations are looking to solidify their online presence, and doing so requires a number of things. The first thing that businesses need is a website, where a lot of activities can be conducted without requiring physical contact. Websites are used by business owners to sell products, address issues raised by their customers, as well as advertise any new products. Sometimes, websites have to be redesigned to fit changing times and to repair any issues that may arise with the old website. Redesigning a website can take up a lot of time and resources, and website owners should take a number of things into consideration before beginning the process.

how to make a website


Evaluating the reasons for which a website is being redesigned can help in determining how the process should be done. This will not only save on time, it also means that the redesigning will not have to be altered when it is discovered that it does not fit the purpose of the website.

Are there any website problems that need repairing?

Minor changes in how a website looks or works may not actually require a full redesign. Most of these alterations can be done on their own, without needing to change the entire website. For example, new company logos can be designed separately, then placed onto the specific pages of the site. However, other major website alterations need an entire overhaul, for example:

• How several pages are designed

• The software used for the site

• How clients move from one page to another on the website

The website should be performing at its optimum


Website Redesign

One of the most important purposes of a website is to attract new customers and obtain more product sales. Even with new designs, this may not always be the case, and that problem can warrant a website redesign. Some issues causing the problem may be:


1. New technological advancements


As technology evolves everyday, websites will often find that they have to adjust to accommodate changes. Minor adjustments can be done without needing to redesign the website, but if these alterations need to be made very often, then a complete change makes more sense.

2. Changing customer needs


The point of doing business online is almost always to make the process faster and easier, plus more efficient. Therefore, websites have to adapt in ways that make the customer’s experience smooth and enjoyable. For example, online stores may want to expand their payment options, add delivery alternatives, and so on.

Some needs may also arise with time, and cannot be anticipated. The following posts cover other uncommon issues.



Website Redesign

For this, one can look at:


• The demographic of people visiting the website and how many they are
The device and browser used.

• Website keywords used for search engine optimization


The SMART Goal Strategy can be used to go through the project while avoiding hitches.

Website Redesign


It is important to provide details for what is to be achieved when the project is being carried out, and this also enhances accountability.


To make a project measurable, the designers can include clear guidelines on how success will be evaluated upon completion.

Agreed Upon 

Everyone involved in the process should be clear on their roles and what is expected of them.


All the plans for the website should be achievable, otherwise, all the parties involved will be under too much pressure to perform. Unrealistic projects can also exceed the budget allocation.

Time Based

To avoid eating into the time allocated to other business activities, the project should have schedules and deadlines for all the changes.

The following blogs give more pointers on strategies for the web alterations:


The specific costs of a website redesigning process will depend on a variety of factors, but the approximate can be inferred before beginning the process. If the job has to make a lot of alterations, then it will cost more, and vice versa. This blog looks into the matter more deeply, and one can use it to get a detailed analysis of costs.

Website Redesign



The website can be designed by anyone, depending on whether they have the relevant skills and whether their services are within the budget. Each option below comes with its pros and cons.

Designing the website individually

While it would be wise to learn how to design a website before undertaking such a project, one can also look at tutorials as well as other learning spaces to see how a website is redesigned. Such websites include Weebly and SquareSpace.

Using a Freelancer’s Services

A freelancing website designer is often a single person who works alone on design projects. Hiring a single person is usually best for those with small websites that encounter minimal traffic. Freelancers are good at designing a website that will suit the needs of the client, especially when it comes to appearance.

Contracting out to an agency


Website Redesign

The ideal scenario when considering a website redesign is to hire an agency. This is because:

Working with a web designing agency have a lot of advantages, and is often the most ideal option for websites with a lot of traffic and a variety of pages or services. Agencies come with the following pros;

The process will be worth the money it costs because the services are professional
Agencies are more likely to adhere to time limits because they have a large pool of professionals to work with, and every person has their own job description.
The different individuals each have something they are good at, so the designing will not rest on one person with skills that are not focused.

This also means that each aspect of the designing process will be done to perfection because a single person focuses all their energy on that area.

For more advantages and disadvantages of each option, the following guides provide additional details;

From the above pointers, it is apparent that the most important thing in the entire process is to always ensure that the needs of the business match the web redesigning process.


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