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Elevating Excellence, we're Audio Visual Lab, your premier choice for exceptional Video Production Durban. From corporate videos to events, we're the leading experts in crafting immersive visual experiences that captivate your audience and elevate your brand.
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Video Production Durban

At Audio Visual Lab, we prioritize your objectives by engaging in detailed consultations to fully comprehend your vision. Our commitment is to deliver Video Production Durban services that efficiently achieve your desired outcomes. Our tailored expertise ensures your satisfaction is at the forefront of every project.
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Video Production Durban


Step 01

There is no better way to create a cohesive project than to understand our clients fully. That is why each of our projects starts with a consultation before production.
Once the consultation goes smoothly, the team puts together an estimate for how much a project like this will cost.

Step 02

video production
video production

Step 03

Each video is shot based on pre-approved terms of production, as this is the most accurate way to represent company goals as well as stay on budget. Although many of the videos start with a one-on-one interview, regardless of the starting format, a producer will always be behind the camera to direct people on the other end for the best result.
Larger projects could take longer than 2 weeks to edit.Even for larger projects, we promise to deliver some video edited materials for review. This might just be a portion of a larger edit.

Step 04

post production
video production

Step 05

Then, when we believe that we have a product that is ready for distribution, we will get you re-involved with the process.
Once the review process is done, and the client has made a final payment, the video is delivered. The client is administered a final file that they have license to distribute on any platform they’d like, including platforms that exist now and platforms that will be created in the future.

Step 06

video production
animated videos

Animated Videos

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As Durban's leading Video Production Durban company, we deliver creative and high-quality videos that cater to your broadcast and digital content needs while staying within your budget. Our comprehensive solutions serve individuals and businesses in Durban and South Africa, encompassing a wide range of projects from TV commercials to web video production. This includes our animation studio. In our decade of producing great video content, we have also made dozens of creative and beautiful animations.

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We have experience working with clients in Television, Government, Non-Profit, Business Incubators, Entrepreneurs, Automotive, Financial Services, Travel and Tourism, Entertainment, Retail industries and more.

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Best video production I've seen
I always love/enjoy working with Xolani, because I learn a lot from him. And the main/important factor that I love with him, is his professionalism and clean work.
Great service providers for quick turnaround delivery of their products and their service is worth every penny.

I recommend you try Audiovisual Lab and their team for their professionalism and quality visuals.
It's always a Pleasure working with Xolani, May God Bless you and your company Audiovisual Lab bro🙏🏿
Amazing videos done by an award winning team!
Thank you Xolani for the great service
Video Production FAQ
If you have further questions or require specific details about how we can tailor our services to your project, please feel free to contact us. At Audio Visual Lab, we're dedicated to ensuring your video production experience is seamless, professional, and aligns perfectly with your vision. Remember, no question is too small, and we’re here to provide the guidance and support you need for a successful video production journey.

Frequently asked questions?

We understand that venturing into the world of professional video production can bring up many questions, whether you're creating a commercial, a corporate video, or a personal project.
How Much Does It Cost To Make A Video?
This is by far the question we are asked most frequently. There’s no single answer to this question because all our video projects are fully customized, thus are priced differently. Audio Visual Lab is a high-end production house and most of our projects begin at R15,000 and up. If you’d like to learn more, please read our article – “How much does it cost to make a video?
What To Wear For A TV Interview Or A Video Production Shoot ?
A proper wardrobe is critical. Viewers decide whether they like you and trust you almost instantly, and what you wear greatly influences their perception. So whether you’re preparing for a television appearance, a corporate video production shoot, a CEO profile, or a social media video, memorize these important tips to help you look your best in front of the lens! “What to wear for a TV interview or a video production shoot?” Click here to read the full blog post!
How Can I Improve My Social Media Presence?
Succeeding with social media video comes down to two key elements: Making great content your audience will engage with Having a smart, strategic distribution strategy Anyone can make a video and pay for views. But if you need results, then your social videos must be created for – and distributed to – the right audience. At Indigo, our creative process for social media success begins with a ton of research so our creative ideas are based on data and your desired outcomes. You get not only world-class ideas, but world-class strategies to make sure you get as many of the best views possible.
How Do I Select The Best Video Production Company?
Selecting a production house to work on your video is a major decision. Watch the company’s demo reel, check their references, search the web for the company’s reviews, check their profile, and make sure they answer all your questions about their video production services and your project. We’ve earned reviews from our long list of clients (our reviews), and we can say with confidence that we’ll do an amazing job for you.
Can Your Video Company Help With Distributing My Video?
Yes, definitely! We offer several video distribution services and we’ll be more than happy to discuss which option fits your needs best.
What Cities Or Countries Does Audio Visual Lab Cover?
Audio Visual Lab produces videos all over South Africa, as well as internationally. We have done several projects that included locations in several different countries on different continents.
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