We are a video production company with a strategic approach

Solidify your Objectives

First things first. Everything begins with your ultimate goal for your video content. Just like any other type of content, you can’t reach your aim without first deciding on what it is.

Research Your Audience

Unless you have a firm understanding of who your audience are, what they like and how they think, you’re going to have a hard time creating video content that appeals to and engages them.

Your Core Message

Once we’ve got your answer, we need to turn it into one thing your audience need to know to encourage them to think, feel and act that way.

Digital Media Production Company

We partner with creative brands and agencies

As a video production company based in Durban, we make global advertising campaigns happen. We approach a 360° marketing plan with a keen understanding of today’s content needs for social media, TV and streaming services, even OOH and print ads. Storytelling is an art that we have mastered. Focused content and stellar visuals are what makes our work incomparable!

Our video production company is committed to helping advertising teams and brands to achieve their goals. Whether it’s targeted, ROI based social campaigns or good old brand awareness on TV – we do it all. Just think of us as an extension of you 😊 ! We’re a team of video nerds with people ranging from artsy award-winners to caffeine-fueled midnight oil-burners. It’s not just our work that’s diverse!

A Storytelling Agency at Heart

At Audio Visual Lab we focus on audience engagement as the key to building lasting brands, relationships and partnerships. The longer you stay in the viewers’ imagination the more effective the video is at achieving your goals. How do you do that? By telling great stories.But the thing is that every story can be inspiring, and sometimes many people have the same story, so how you tell the story is the difference and that is why we consider ourselves a storytelling agency before a production company. Our writers, directors and even our camera operators and editors focus on the story first.

Needless to say if you are on the hunt for a digital storytelling agency than Audio Visual Lab is your company!

From start up to corporate giants, we can personalise a package to suit your needs. Whether you have platform-specific requirements or you need an all-inclusive solution, we are here to make sure you are receiving the most innovative and cost effective solution.

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We have experience working with clients in Television, Government, Non-Profit, Business Incubators, Entrepreneurs, Automotive, Financial Services, Travel and Tourism, Entertainment, Retail industries and more.

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Our core clients are from South Africa, but we are happy to work with clients from all over the globe.